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And then, of course, they slapped them later. The problem that Google was trying to solve here is a real problem. And I think it’s very telling that some of the same people who are outraged that it wouldn’t generate white founding fathers were not outraged that it wouldn’t generate white social service recipients.

So this isn’t literally from that case. So Texas and Florida passed their laws. The platforms ran as fast as they could to courts to get an injunction so the laws couldn’t be enforced. They’ll probably disappoint me once again in this long relationship. I do think they’re more thoughtful. I find a lot of them much more thoughtful and very aware, just the way when you talk to young people about uses of social media.


It was the insurrection on January 6. And the minute you say that, you’re their friend. I just think — I don’t know — some of it’s cool. Even crypto, I was like, this seems interesting. But if you make no promises to them — and if I like something, I like something.

And the woman who started with her husband called me, and she was very innocent. She wasn’t like most of the Silicon Valley people. And she’s like, Kara, I’ve just been offered $600 million for this company. And she wasn’t off the record and anything else. Also, you can build your own set of experiences.

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But then once the image is generated, you can click a little info button, and it will tell you the prompt, which is often quite elaborate. So I think that’s actually another way of understanding this. Why is Google rewriting a prompt in the background? Well, because it’s serving a global audience.

Applications already number in the hundreds, and we have to be mindful in the early days of managing feedback. This is why we intend to keep the first few groups of artists small, and hand selected. In the final stage, anyone who wishes to use our tooling off site may do so, as part of our Storefront subscription model. We’re around the corner from the launch of Blockparty 2.0 – our Artist Storefront system. What are the actual fees then?

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